The Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are known as the gold standard for dental restorations. Patients with missing or lost permanent teeth can receive one or more implants to support a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture. Implants offer lasting, natural-looking results and improve the function of the smile. We welcome you to learn more about the benefits of treatment with dental implants in our Williamsburg, VA, dental office. 

beenfits of dental implants in Williamsburg, Virginia

The Top Benefits of Dental Implants in Williamsburg, VA

There are many advantages to restorations that use implants. Dental implants:

Improve Aesthetics

Implants fill in gaps in the smile but also prevent problems like facial sagging. Dental implants and implant restorations add structure to the smile, which supports the jaw bone. As a result, patients who have experienced facial sagging from missing teeth can receive a more youthful appearance with implants. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures are also made from tooth-colored materials that blend in with the smile. We can color-match restorations to ensure they blend in with remaining natural teeth or create a brighter smile for patients missing all of their permanent teeth.

Feel Natural

Once the dental implant post fuses to the jaw bone, it will feel like a natural tooth. Oral surgeons place dental implant posts in the jaw bone, where they heal over a period of three to six months. Once the dental implants are fully healed, they will provide support to the smile like a real tooth root. Additionally, dental implant restorations use titanium and ceramic for durable results. The false teeth attached to the implants will also feel natural as they are created to match the exact shape of real teeth. 

Last For Many Years

With the right care, implant posts themselves can be permanent. Implant posts are essentially replacements for tooth roots, becoming a stable and secure foundation for false teeth. While it may be years until you need to replace your dental bridge or denture, the implant posts should stay in your mouth permanently. 

Improve Speech and Bite

Missing teeth and even removable dental restorations can make it more difficult to speak clearly or eat certain foods. Even traditional dentures can slip around the mouth and make it challenging to eat crunchy or hard foods because they do not support teeth at the root. Dental implants support teeth at the jaw bone and act as new tooth roots. Single implants and implant-secured restorations 

Receive Dental Implants Today

If you have one or more lost permanent teeth and require a restoration, we can help! Before restorative treatments, we thoroughly examine patients’ smiles and work with them to find the right restoration for their needs. Call Dr. Stacey Hall for restorative treatment today at 757-216-9873 or request an implant consultation online.