Your First Visit to Our Williamsburg, VA Dental Office

Preventative Dental Care in Williamsburg

You Deserve Leading Treatments and Our Unique Focus on Patient Comfort

Thank you for choosing Williamsburg Center for Dental Health! When you call for an appointment, we will take a few minutes to find out where you are in terms of your dental needs. This will help us determine whether you need a comprehensive exam with Dr. Hall.

If an exam is in order, you will meet with Dr. Stacey Hall in the consultation room to review your medical and dental history. After a brief tour of the office, the examination will follow, and here is what you can expect:

  • You will have a visual exam plus an oral cancer screening, including the Velscope exam. (For more information, visit: Velscope Technology)
  • Your airway will be checked, and your medical history will be screened for any risks of Sleep Apnea
  • You will have a TMJ screening to check the health of the muscle and joint system
  • We will chart existing teeth, fillings, and/or crowns 
  • You will have a screening to detect whether gum or periodontal disease is present, and if so, what type of oral cleaning is needed
  • From this information, we determine the least amount of x-rays we should take to see whether there are any underlying issues between the teeth and under the gums
  • Finally, Dr. Hall will review each tooth for its overall health to determine if there are any concerns
  • Sometimes more information is needed, such as tooth models or a 3-D x-ray

With this exam, we are looking at the whole system and the cause and effects of any issues we see. Once we have a good picture of your dental health, we will discuss problems, solutions, and benefits with you. Then it’s your turn to tell us what you think the next step should be for your care, knowing that we are here for you, whatever you decide.

Patient FAQs

Is Williamsburg Center for Dental Health accepting new patients?

Yes. our family dentist office in Williamsburg welcomes new patients of all ages. Dr. Hall provides comprehensive preventive and general dentistry in addition to advanced care for cosmetic and restorative needs. To schedule an appointment, complete our online request form or call us directly. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve a healthy smile!

How early should I arrive for my dental appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment to complete any paperwork that may be necessary and to ensure that we can care for you and others promptly. With our children’s cottage and complimentary coffee, you can rest assured that your time in the reception area will be enjoyable!

What do I need to bring with me for my first dental appointment?

Please bring your dental and medical insurance cards along with any completed New Patient paperwork. Know your pertinent medical information (medication, illnesses, etc.).

Where can I park near the office?

There is plenty of parking directly in front of our office in Courthouse Commons.

How long will my new patient appointment take?

Your first new patient appointment with us will last about 90 minutes. During this time, we will take your blood pressure, perform an oral cancer screening, and take x-rays. We will also perform a thorough exam to check for gum disease and cracked or broken teeth. If you have been scheduled with the hygienist on your first visit, you will also have your teeth cleaned at this visit.