Custom Mouthguard Williamsburg, VA

Are you or any family members active in contact sports?

Have you invested in the health and appearance of your smile? Protecting your teeth and gums from damage or loss is important- remember, teeth do not grow back.

Dr. Stacey Hall can fit you or your child with a custom sports mouthguard in our Williamsburg family dental practice. Offering superior protection and comfort, a custom mouthguard is one of your most important safety measures when on the field or participating in contact sports.

Custom-fit mouthguards in Williamsburg


Many sports require players to wear a mouthguard during all competitions and practices. We believe this is essential in protecting your smile, even when not required. Sports like basketball, baseball, gymnastics, volleyball, football, and hockey pose risks to your gum tissues and teeth.

A mouthguard can often prevent other serious injuries, such as concussions, cerebral hemorrhages, and jaw fractures, due to its ability to absorb contact forces. Studies have also shown that wearing a custom mouthguard means less jaw clenching to keep it in place. This translates to more energy and focus on athletic performance.

We often fit athletes from Williamsburg area high schools and recreation leagues with this protective gear. A custom-fitted mouth guard is especially important for those who wear braces or have fixed or removable appliances such as bridge work. Dr. Stacey Hall offers customized solutions that provide a better fit – and therefore better protection – than anything store-bought.


Dr. Hall may recommend using a mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding, which can lead to many other TMJ problems. Signs of teeth grinding can include worn or flat teeth, chipped teeth, and cracked teeth. Jaw pain and discomfort when chewing, headaches, and unexplained neck and shoulder pain are common symptoms of TMJ.

We offer conservative therapy for TMD. Often worn at night, when most people grind their teeth unknowingly, a custom-fitted “night guard” can help your jaw muscles relax and prevent damage caused by teeth grinding. If you are concerned that you are grinding your teeth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hall for a dental exam and evaluation of your oral health. Addressing a TMJ problem can restore comfort and health to your bite.


Dr. Hall will take dental impressions in our office to create your custom-fit mouthguard. This is an easy and quick process and the key to a custom-fit mouthguard that will attach snugly and protect your teeth and gums.

The fit of a custom mouthguard is one of the things that sets them apart from other options on the market. Your impressions will be sent to a lab to create your new appliance. Once complete, it will be sent to our office. We will let you know when it is ready, and you can come in to pick it up.

If you want to learn more about mouthguards or need a night guard to prevent teeth grinding, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients of all ages to join our local dental care family. Protect your dental health investment and your natural smile with a custom mouthguard.


How long does a custom mouthguard last?

On average, a custom mouthguard lasts between 6 months to 3 years. This depends on the patient’s care for the mouth guard, their oral habits, and how severe their teeth grinding is.

How often should you clean your mouthguard?

Patients should clean their mouthguards frequently (at least every couple of days with soap and water). Do not attempt to clean your mouthguard with a dishwasher or warm water, as the heat can warp and melt the plastic. We recommend you brush your mouthguard when you brush your teeth to keep your cleaning on a schedule and ensure that your mouthguard does not give you bad breath.

Can a custom mouthguard shift your teeth?

If a custom mouthguard is molded and fitted correctly, it should not shift your teeth. If your custom mouthguard does not fit or hurts, it is a good idea to see your dentist to evaluate the fit.

How long does it take to make a custom mouthguard?

It takes about two to three weeks to make a custom mouthguard. The process is long because it involves multiple steps. After your impression is taken, it is sent to a lab where your mouthguard is created. Then, your mouthguard is sent back to your dentist, where you can pick it up.

How should a custom mouthguard fit?

A custom mouthguard should fit snugly against a patient’s upper teeth. A mouthguard that fits should stay in place without biting or holding it in place.