The Benefits of Dental Implants

When you’re missing teeth, there are a few different options available for treatment. Each treatment plant has its own benefits and drawbacks. Dental implants in Williamsburg, VA, tend to provide the most benefits for patients missing one tooth or multiple teeth in a row. While they can seem costly and timely to get, implants can help maintain your bite strength and improve your jaw health after losing a tooth. Your dentist can examine your mouth and discuss your cosmetic goals to help you decide if a dental implant is right for you.

DENTAL IMPLANTS in WILLIAMSBURG VA offer many benefits to patients with missing teeth

Why Get Dental Implants in Williamsburg, VA

You have many options for replacing a missing tooth. A partial denture, a traditional bridge, and even a simple flapper can all help restore the look of your smile. However, dental implants offer greater benefits for your overall oral health and lifestyle.

Jaw Strength and Support

The main benefit of getting dental implants is the added strength and support in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, the root structure isn’t there to help maintain your jaw’s bone density. This can lead to visual effects, such as facial sagging, as well as a loss of bite strength. Dental implants have titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone. These posts mimic the natural root structure of your tooth to help maintain your jaw’s shape and strength.

Restoration Strength

Dental implants are also a great way to help ensure your restoration work is secured and strong. Traditional dentures and bridges are more likely to suffer damage or even fall out. But an implant-supported denture or bridge is secured into your mouth with added strength and stability. This means you don’t have to worry as much about your restoration shifting or falling out when you eat, talk, or brush your teeth. This also makes keeping up with your oral hygiene routine easier, as you can brush and floss like you normally would.

Less Dietary Restrictions

While you’ll still need to adjust your diet to keep your dental restoration strong and healthy, there are fewer restrictions when getting a dental implant. Because implants are stronger and more durable, patients can typically enjoy the majority of the foods they are used to. You’ll likely still want to avoid particularly gummy or hard foods to keep your crown, bridge, or denture safe, but overall, you’ll be able to eat what you like when you like. Your dentist can help provide a full list of foods to avoid when getting any kind of dental work.

At the Williamsburg Center for Dental Health, we believe that all patients deserve a strong and healthy smile. We work hard to provide durable, long-lasting dental implants to our patients with missing teeth. Call us today at 757-216-9873 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of dental implants.