How to Care for Dental Implants

Many patients considering dental implants will also consider how they need to care for their implants after treatment. Dental implants do not require extensive care, but knowing how to prevent problems like implant failure is important. Our office provides restorative care with dental implants in Williamsburg, VA, and we will be happy to review what signs to look for when identifying implant failure and caring for dental implants. 

How to Care for Dental Implants

Preventing Infection

After we place dental implants, keeping the gums, jaw bones, and any remaining natural teeth healthy is important. Without a strong, healthy foundation, implants can shift or fail. We always ensure that patients are healthy before implant treatment and recommend that patients brush and floss twice a day. Brushing and flossing gently will keep the restorations clean and prevent implantitis. 

Implantitis is an infection that occurs when the same harmful bacteria that contribute to tooth decay build on the implants. Patients who develop implantitis will notice dental calculus, a hard deposit of bacteria. It is difficult to remove calculus at home. A dental hygienist must remove it. Calculus can lead to gum recession, bone loss, and implant failure. 

Signs of Implant Failure

Knowing the signs of implant failure is important so you can receive professional care before you lose your implants. The most common signs of implant failure to be aware of include:

  • Gum Recession: If your gums begin to recede around your implant anchor or post, it destabilizes your implant. 
  • Severe Pain: Feeling pain or discomfort when eating with dental implants is abnormal. 
  • Shifting Implant: Your dental implants should not feel uncomfortable or separate from your natural teeth. If your dental implants begin to shift, it’s a sign of a problem.

Contact our office if you notice any changes in the fit or comfort of your implants. We are here to ensure that your restorations feel and look natural.

Dental Implants in Williamsburg, VA

You must keep your dental implants clean and free of plaque and tartar. You can clean your implants just as you clean your natural teeth. Gently brush with an ADA-accepted toothbrush with soft bristles and use fluoride toothpaste. Clean all sides of the implant to ensure bacteria doesn’t build up.

Be sure to schedule regular dental visits to see Dr. Hall. We recommend routine visits every six months or twice a year. We will examine your dental implants with dental X-rays once a year.

Are you noticing a change in the fit or comfort of your dental implants? Call Dr. Stacey Hall at 757-216-9873 if you need your implants checked. You may also schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Hall online. Please let Dr. Hall know if you have questions about your dental problems or treatment options. She will be happy to help you.