Helping Children With Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common problem that patients can face at any age. Children can have a fear of the dentist due to loud noises and pain that they associate with dental care. We’re here to ensure your child feels comfortable and relaxed when they visit our office, whether it’s their first or fortieth visit. We are your local office providing family dentistry services in Williamsburg, VA. 

Helping Children With Dental Anxiety

Comfortable Care and Family Dentistry in Williamsburg, VA

We provide family dental services, focusing on preventative care for patients of all ages. Some of the most common general dental treatments we provide for children include cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatment. We also make sure that younger patients feel happy and relaxed in our office and can address fear and anxiety with our: 

Friendly Staff

Setting the tone for your child’s first visit to our office can help assuage their anxiety or fear of future visits. Our team understands that the dentist can be scary for younger patients; our staff is made of compassionate individuals who are here to make your child’s dental visits positive and comfortable. Our hygienists and dentists will take the time to ask your child questions to calm them and distract them from their treatment. They will also pause if your child feels uncomfortable.

Dental Tools 

We also offer anesthesia and sedation to ensure your child feels relaxed and comfortable during routine dental procedures. Our team typically uses anesthesia to numb the treated area during extractions and sedation for intensive care. The sedation we use is safe for kids. Typically, we recommend nitrous oxide for children who need lengthier or more extensive dental care, but we can provide lighter sedation for cleanings as needed.

Additional Accommodations

Our office encourages patients to bring toys, books, blankets, and even music to ensure their comfort during their treatment. Parents are encouraged to be in the operatory with their children; we will recommend that parents hold their child if they are a baby or toddler. 

Making Dental Health Fun For Kids At Home

When you make your child’s oral hygiene routine enjoyable, it can reflect how they feel or act during routine dental visits. Your child will associate the fun and positivity of at-home activities with the dental office. 

You can also prepare your child for visiting the dentist by reading stories or playing games. Some of the most common ways to make dental health fun is to:

  • Read a dental health book
  • Paint or color activity sheets
  • Make and “brush” playdoh or clay teeth
  • Play music when brushing

A reward system is a great way to reinforce good oral health habits. Once your child is old enough to care for their own teeth, you can give them stickers or small treats when they consistently brush and floss.

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