Why Should You Choose Dr. Stacey Hall?

Are you looking for a new dentist in the Williamsburg, VA, area? Dr. Stacey Hall is here for her patients, whether they require routine dental cleanings or oral surgery. She works with patients of all ages to meet their specific needs and maintain their oral health for their stage of life.

Dentist in Williamsburg, VA

Choosing Dr. Stacey Hall

As a Dawson dentist, Dr. Hall is thorough when it comes to diagnosis and treatment planning. The Dawson Academy teaches dentists like Dr. Hall how to take a comprehensive approach to dentistry. In fact, Dr. Hall is an assistant in Dawson courses pertaining to occlusion and worn dentition. She helps patients with TMJ and worn teeth restore their smiles. 

When Dr. Hall examines patients’ smiles, she takes many factors into account, including occlusion or how the teeth come together. Fully understanding her patients’ needs and taking this comprehensive approach allows her to provide more accurate treatment. 

Patients Review Your Local Williamsburg, VA Dentist

“Dr. Hall came highly recommended when we moved here from out of state, and I have not been disappointed. Her office staff is friendly and welcoming from the time you walk through the door. Dr. Hall and her hygienist are very thorough, helpful, and kind. I made the right decision!”

-Pamela G.


“Dr. Hall was extremely attentive and very caring. I NEVER felt rushed. She spent just the right amount of time answering all my questions.”

-Heidi C.


“We were very impressed by Dr. Hall’s expertise and thoughtfulness. She carefully walked us through every aspect of diagnostics and therapy. Her staff is very welcoming and efficient.”

-Catherine M.


“Dr. Hall and her team are always gentle and professional. I always leave there in a good mood and with the peace of mind that I received the best dental care possible.”

-Cindy S.


“Dr. Hall is a must-see if you don’t want regular dental healthcare to cause new problems over time. I have had TMJ issues for the better part of 30 years. Over the years, I have also had top-quality dental work done in multiple areas by exceptionally good dentists. Over that time, my TMJ symptoms grew so severe that the headaches were daily, and my neck & shoulder pain caused limited mobility to the point that some days I wasn’t able to drive a car because I couldn’t turn my neck from side to side.

She is the first dental professional who was able to make the connection between my TMJ symptoms and the alignment of my bite and was able to effectively correct the issues in 3 short visits w/ minimally invasive work.”


Has it been a while since your last dental visit? Call Dr. Hall for care today at 757-216-9873. You may also request a dental appointment with Dr. Hall online.