Video of Dr. Hall’s Vision for her Practice

I was recently asked if I would do a video for church in which the theme of our upcoming sermons was “Apostles Among Us.” After prayer and time I agreed, but still reluctantly. My questioning came from the depths inside of me that were scared that it would be seen as promotional and wanting it to be nothing more than giving God the credit for the vision He has created and the only reason I could carry it out. I continued to pray for the right words; different words than what had come through on a video I had just created for the office. They both are God’s work, but this was different. Through preparing for this video, God gave me the time to reflect on what He has provided me at Williamsburg Center for Dental Health.

God has provided me with a vision. It was very clear as I allowed Him to speak to me over three years ago that this was His office, and I was the caretaker. He gave me what it was to feel like, the atmosphere, and what patients should experience here.

God has provided me with a purpose. He wanted me to have a place where I could not only provide the gift of dentistry with the hands He has given me, but a place to provide His loving touch. He has also taken that purpose beyond the walls of the office to Honduras working with kids in orphanages and detention centers.

God has provided me with a team that shares His purpose. I could not do this alone. The ladies have allowed me to do more than I could ever do by myself. Some provide the daily devotionals, while some make sure all the patients’ concerns, needs or praises are on the prayer board. They all are a great part of providing a place that is lead by the Lord.

God has also provided me with a venue to meet people with needs. I can help them with their dental needs and pray for their other needs. I am always praying that every person that walks into my office knows His love is here. He has provided a place to be His apostle.

I was overwhelmed with emotion reflecting on all that He has provided. It has been more than I could have imagined.