“Star-Spangled Smile” Winner!

We are so excited to announce that Stephanie Mayes is the winner of our “Star-Spangled Smiles” contest and will receive $5,000 in cosmetic dentistry procedures from Dr. Stacey Hall. Stephanie lives in Williamsburg and is the owner of Angelic Chocolates. She was nominated by a friend who wrote the essay describing why Stephanie is so deserving of this offer. More than deserving herself, Stephanie even tried to see if she could donate the dental services to someone else! You will be amazed at her story written below:

     Stephanie Mayes is a retired full colonel in the US Marine Corp and now is the owner of Angelic Chocolates. She joined the Marines with her husband, her only siblings (two sisters) and her brother-in-law. She served in the Pentagon and worked with her sister there, but on September 11, 2001 the plane crashed into the Pentagon and instantly killed her sister. Soon after the terrorist attacks, Stephanie’s husband and brother-in-law were sent to Iraq. Three months later they were ambushed by al-Qaeda and were tortured. Stephanie found out on CNN and watched her husband and brother-in-law hanged on a bridge, broadcasted on television. Three months after her loss, her youngest sister was in Tel Aviv, Israel and stepped on a land mine. Within a nine month period, Stephanie lost her husband, both her siblings, her brother-in-law as well as 12 troops. Stephanie Mayes thanks God for transforming her brokenness, and her bitterness. She meets with many clients and speaks at many functions to either give her testimony or to market her Angelic Chocolates. I believe retired Colonel Stephanie Mayes has served and sacrificed herself as a believer in God and for our country.  –submitted by Elffie L.