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Hear From Tonya: 

"My name is Tonya and I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Stacey Hall and her wonderful team for several years. During one of my first consultations with Dr. Hall, she asked me what I liked or disliked about my smile. I remember holding back my tears and saying “I have disliked my smile my entire life” and that moment is when my journey began. Dr. Hall and her team came up with a care plan customized just for me. I had to trust the process and allow Dr. Hall to show off her God given talents. I am so proud of the work Dr. Hall and her team have done to give me this big, beautiful smile. I am forever grateful to her and her team for encouraging me to trust the process to finally get the smile I have always dreamed of."

Tonya's Treatment: 

Tonya had orthodontic treatment to move teeth to the best location so that her new smile with her whitening, implants and bridge would look great. We planned her treatment in such a way as to make it affordable for Tonya to achieve the smile she always dreamed of.



Tonya's Testimonial

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