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Hear From Pat: 

"After my husband and I retired from our career jobs in Newport News, where our prior dentist was located, we were looking for a new dentist closer to our home in Williamsburg. After online research, we found out that WCDH was accepting new patients. What a blessing! WCDH has been such a positive experience ever since we entered their doors. Immediately, we felt that Dr. Hall and her wonderful staff were professional, competent, genuine, trusting and truly concerned with our dental needs. We also appreciate Dr. Hall’s vision, the atmosphere at WCDH and the generosity/ministry they provide to the local community and her gifts and talents to other countries.

Prior to coming to WCDH, I had been thinking about new veneers but procrastinated for many years. After meeting Dr. Hall and her team, I felt confident that I was at the right place and I was ready for the process to begin. I so appreciate their teamwork and Dr. Hall’s attention to detail. What a great journey, I feel blessed that this new door opened and I now have a confident smile provided by my wonderful professional friends at WCDH! I highly recommend them! "

Pat's Treatment: 

Replaced old, mismatching veneers and corrected bite by re-shaping teeth