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Hear From Maddie: 

"Dr. Hall and all her staff did a wonderful job of helping me along my journey to a beautiful smile! In partnership with my orthodontia treatment, Dr. Hall clearly explained my options and the various procedures along the way. I knew what to expect and how to care for my teeth throughout the process. I appreciate that everyone was so attentive, friendly, and excited to see the end result! I had a great experience and would recommend the Williamsburg Center for Dental Health to anyone!"

Maddie's Treatment:

We worked closely with Maddie’s orthodontist to create the perfect space for her lateral incisors that were too small.  We created the correct tooth size during orthodontics so that Maddie would not have to be embarrassed and the orthodontist knew exactly where to put the teeth.  When she was done with orthodontics we placed prepless veneers on those teeth for a long-lasting cosmetic look.