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Hear From Jo:

"I went to my previous dentist and she referred me to an oral surgeon. He pulled 6 front bottom teeth and put in the implant hardware. After about a month I went back to my dentist and she wanted me to go back to oral surgeon to see if I needed gum skin grafts. They shuffled me back and forth for 6 months. I did get a temporary bridge that I was never able to wear because it hurt. I gave up and decided to look for a new dentist.

Thank God I found Dr. Hall! What a difference. When you walk through the doors of Williamsburg Center for Dental Health you are greeted with a smile. Dr Hall is a kind, caring, knowledgeable dentist. She answered all of my questions and provided outstanding service. Her whole staff is friendly, kind and professional.

My first visit was for a check-up and a cleaning. My next visit she took measurements. After the measurements, she did her magic and gave me my smile back. I highly recommend her practice for anyone in need of excellent dental care."

Jo's Treatment: 

Jo came in with her bite not feeling right after some implant work being done. After further investigation we found multiple areas of decay that wrapped around teeth and due to her dry mouth and the decay, crowns were her best option. We corrected the bite issue and increased the health of her bite and teeth to help keep her teeth for much longer.

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