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Hear From Dawn: 

"Having needed extensive dental work for most of my life, I have always lived in fear of going to the dentist. My blood pressure would go through the roof in anticipation of an appointment and afterwards I would be so exhausted from the stress of the situation, I would just go to bed. It’s not like that at Williamsburg Center for Dental Health. I felt comfortable and at ease with everyone I met at WCDH from my very first appointment.

Dr. Stacey Sparkman Hall has such a peaceful, gentle way and a real talent in her field that I felt confident trusting her with my extensive dental work. I am so thankful for Dr. Hall and the staff at WCDH! For the first time in my adult life I have no tooth pain and I am happy to flash my smile instead of hiding my teeth! I tell everyone who even mentions the word “dentist” that they need to go to WCDH!"

Dawn's Treatment:

Dawn had been thinking of veneers for a long time to hide brown and white spots that were on her teeth from their development. After reviewing her case and smile with pictures we decided to veneer the teeth in the smile line to give her a new natural smile. We whitened all the other teeth.