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Hear From Bruce: 

"I started with Dr. Hall at the Williamsburg Center for Dental Health upon the high recommendation of my wife, Margaret, who had been a patient for several years. Although my dental hygiene was good, my teeth were worn down, discolored, and not very straight. As someone who likes to smile, I had become very self-conscious about my smile for a long time. Before Dr. Hall could really correct my smile and my bite, she determined that I needed major periodontal work, a lone molar extraction, then a bone graft with an implant. The comprehensive plan she developed included alternatives so I could choose what fit best in my personal budget. She not only coordinated the periodontal and oral surgery, but also tracked and followed up on the care the other dental professionals provided. Next, Dr. Hall straightened my teeth with Invisalign. She also whitened them with an Opalescence whitening treatment. When she began the long procedure to install my upper front crowns and perform the lower resin restoration, her skillful artistry always ensured a pain-free experience. My bite is perhaps the best it has ever been. I am no longer self-conscious about my smile. Dr. Hall and her entire staff are not only consummate dental professionals, but also one of the most caring group of people I have ever encountered. I highly recommend the Williamsburg Center for Dental Health for worry-free care. Every visit confirms for me that I made the right choice!"

Bruce's Treatment: 

Patient came in and did not know he had a problem with wear and breakdown of teeth and bone until we discussed what we saw. Based on the amount of wear and bite issues he had we proceeded with Invisalign to get the teeth in a more healthy position, controlling the bad forces that could cause more bone loss and tooth loss. Then we restored the worn teeth with bonding and crowns after we whitened his teeth.


Bruce's Testimonial

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