Thorough and thoughtful treatment for cavities

At WCDH, we know that getting a filling is no fun for anyone. Luckily, you can trust our sensitive and gentle care to get your teeth back in shape in the event of a cavity. We are firm believers in preventative care [linked] and use fluoride, sealants and education about good oral hygiene for all ages to stop cavities before they even begin.

However, when cavities do happen, we are ready to help. Williamsburg Center for Dental Health aims to make fillings as easy, painless and durable as possible. We use tooth-colored enamel, which is both longer-lasting and more conspicuous than metal for filling small cavities. If the tooth requires more strengthening, a porcelain filling may be recommended.

As with all dental work, it is extremely important that you schedule regular appointments to check for further decay, evaluate the need for any more fillings and to ensure that preexisting fillings are in good shape.