Partnering with Howell Creative Group, New Website Launches

Partnering with local marketing and advertising agency, Howell Creative Group, Williamsburg Center for Dental Health has launched a new website which will be a one-stop site for oral health information, patient education and requests.
The relationship with Howell Creative Group began with initial brand development, naming of the practice and strategic positioning. Continuing with design of branded collateral and advertising, and now launch of the website.

“Dr. Hall is an extremely committed, personable and astute dentist; she landed the best staff in the area and custom built a practice like no other. The ‘product’ is unrivaled, so capturing her style and developing a brand around Williamsburg Center for Dental Health was an exciting process. Like her, we’re thrilled with the outcome and know it will resonate with her target market.”
Howell Account Director, Tiffany Reaves.


Make sure to stay tuned as the website continues to evolve and new features are added to serve you better. We welcome any feedback and greatly appreciate you taking time to browse through the pages.