From First Impression to the Lab

By Rachel Wilson, Dental Assistant

Have you ever had an impression taken at a dental office? Probably so! Many procedures include some type of impression. Patients are usually not aware of what happens to the impression after they leave their appointment but the process contains many critical steps from the dental office to the lab. Staying informed about the different lab processes, whether in-office or out-of-office, helps our patients appreciate and understand the level of care they are receiving.

At Williamsburg Center for Dental Health, Dr. Stacey Hall has invested in state-of the-art laboratory equipment that allows our office to fabricate custom whitening trays, essex retainers, sports guards, and custom impression trays for partials and dentures here in our own lab. The advantage to our patients is a very short turn-around time for delivering these personalized services.

Before opening her practice in 2011, Dr. Hall researched several out-of-office laboratories so that she could choose the one that best serves her patients and their individual needs. One of the most highly acclaimed dental labs, Bay View Dental Lab, is conveniently located in Chesapeake, Virginia and is internationally recognized with a commitment to continued improvement, attention to detail, and pride in delivering consistent customer service. Dr. Hall chose Bay View because of their excellence in creating crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants. We are able to have the lab fabricate these units with the best materials for each case, from porcelain to zirconia, and all are made in the USA.

Other cases such as orthodontics, mouth guards, partials and dentures are sent to specialized dental laboratories within the United States that offer excellent service and insure the best products for our patients. Dr. Hall is committed to providing a high standard of quality services and products from the dental laboratories that serve our patients.