Eat, drink and speak with beauty and function

Visits from the Tooth Fairy might have been fun, but missing adult teeth can be detrimental to both self confidence and mouth function. Williamsburg Center for Dental Health specializes in custom partials and dentures to keep your smile working and looking its very finest.

Removable dentures can prove to be uncomfortable, unreliable and can slow you down--so we've made these a thing of the past. Dental implants can be used to hold false teeth--either single teeth or entire rows--in place without the fuss. These implants look and feel natural, with a metal post acting in the place of your natural tooth root.

For those requiring a full set of dentures, innovative technologies now allow for an entire set of dentures to stay fixed in your mouth on just four small posts. This eliminates the need for messy adhesives, unnatural results or potentially embarrassing situations. For those who only need a single tooth or a few teeth implanted, our team will work with you to develop a solution via implants, dental bridges or both.

Missing teeth are not always an easy fix, so it's important to choose a team that you trust. At Williamsburg Center for Dental Health, we will work to build a customized solution based on your bone and gum health, dental status and lifestyle. Let us use our strategic thinking to get your smile back to looking and functioning as naturally as possible.