Small Contouring Changes for Big Improvement

If you struggle with bite alignment, dissatisfaction with your smile, or worn or chipped teeth, tooth reshaping may be the right option for you. Though this procedure might sound intimidating, it can be a quick and simple fix for a multitude of dental concerns. Dr. Hall is able to painlessly "shave" teeth to help with aforementioned problems while also improving the appearance of your smile.

Many view tooth reshaping as a solely aesthetic procedure, but it can promote optimal dental health for many patients. When worn or chipped teeth are left untreated, plaque builds on them more easily and can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. With the help of tooth reshaping, these risks can be a thing of the past. This procedure may also be used to prepare for other procedures, such as veneers.

Tooth reshaping can be a quick and painless solution to your smile woes – so contact our office for more information.