Invisalign® & Six Month Smiles®

Quick and discreet ways to improve your smile

Have you always wanted straighter teeth, but thought you’d have to suffer through a season of metal braces to do so? By utilizing the latest corrective technology by Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles®, we are able to offer you two discreet, embarrassment-free options.

Dr. Stacey Hall is a Williamsburg Invisalign provider and also offers Six Month Smiles to treat teens and adults with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. These short term ortho treatment options can offer key benefits when considered appropriate for your needs.

  • Comfortable aligners and appliances: both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are less bulky and more comfortable than traditional metal braces.
  • Discreet treatment: using custom fit clear aligners, these options will be barely noticeable and no one has to know you are wearing "braces".
  • No diet restrictions: clear aligners can be removed briefly to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Easy and thorough oral hygiene: the removable aligners make it easy to receive routine dental care and to brush and floss all surfaces daily.

Clear aligners: how do they work?

The treatment process using clear aligners begins with a consultation and exam, often including digital diagnostics for treatment planning. Dr. Hall will use your dental impressions and specialized CAD/CAM software to create a personalized treatment plan that is designed to address your unique needs.

A set of aligners will be made for you and once ready, you will come in for placement of the first aligners. These are typically changed out every 2-3 weeks, depending on your treatment plan. We will place your first aligner(s) and go over how to care for them, maintain your dental health, and a schedule for changing aligners. Checkups to monitor your progress are typically every 6-8 weeks.

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Why Invisalign?

Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces.

Assess Your Smile

Take your own Smile Assessment to see what Dr. Stacey Hall will be evaluating to help you enhance your smile!

Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® offers many of the same advantages of Invisalign®, but uses slightly different technology, which is able to create results even more quickly.

With Six Month Smiles®, you can correct a variety of alignment issues and create your dream smile in just six months! Six Month Smiles® braces are clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires that use low force to straighten just the teeth that show when you smile. No significant changes are made to your bite, which allows you to correct crooked, crowded or widely spaced teeth inconspicuously – in just six months.


Invisalign® braces are clear acrylic trays that gradually reposition your teeth. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and create a customized corrective plan using the Invisalign® software. Simply wear as directed, switching out the trays about every two weeks, and watch as your smile is transformed.

Invisalign® braces are invisible, removable, fast and affordable. Treatment averages 12 to 18 months, which is about half the time of traditional braces.

While Invisalign® takes longer to achieve the desired result, it has the potential to tackle orthodontic problems that Six Month Smiles® cannot.